Sermon Notes

A written version of  Sunday's Sermon with additional notes from Pastor Joseph.

July 14th - This is the Judgment

July 7th - Not to Condemn the World

June 30th - For God So Loved the World

June 23rd - Either/Or

June 16th - As Moses Lifted the Serpent in the Wilderness

June 9th - No One Has Ascended

June 2nd - You Must Be Born Again

May 19th - The Curse of Babel Undone

May 12th - Jesus Knows Our Hearts

May 5th - Show Us A Sign!

April 28th - Zeal for the LORD

April 21st - The First Sign - The Blessing of Wine

April 7th - Jesus Calling

March 31st - Resurrection Sunday - The Triumph of Barabbas

March 24th -  Palm Sunday - A Curse Upon Those Who Refuse To Bear Fruit

March 17th - Jesus Calling, Part 1

March 10th - Johns Testimony_part_3 The Lamb of God

March 3rd – John's Testimony Part 2 – I Am Not the Christ


February 25th - 02-25-2024 - John's Testimony Part 1 – Jesus Reveals the Father

February 18th - And We have Seen His Glory

February 2nd - The Word became Flesh

January 28th - The True Light (part 2)

January 21st - The True Light

January 7th 2024 - In the Beginning

December 31st - Keep from Idols

December 24th - Ladies of Advent - The Bride of Christ

December 24th - Ladies of Advent - The Wisdom of God

December 17th - Ladies of Advent - Mary Lady of Joy

December 10th - Ladies of Advent - Ruth Lady of Love

December 3rd - Ladies of Advent - Rahab Lady of Peace

November 26th - Ladies of Advent - Eve Lady of Hope

November 19th - Supplications with Thanksgiving

November 19 - Imitate The Good

November 5 - Support Our Missionaries

October 29 - The Whole Kirk of God

October 22 - Watch Yourselves

October 15 - John Rejoiced Greatly

October 8 - That You May Know

October 1 - Believe the Testimony

September 24 - God is Love

 September 17 - Test the Spirits

September 10 - Have Confidence

September 3 - The Children of God


























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