Nate McFadden

Music Director                                                           


Nate grew up in the Mansfield area and was homeschooled up through high school.  Music was his main focus in school, taking private lessons on multiple instruments starting at the age of 9.  Piano eventually became his primary instrument.  His beginning piano teacher was Meg Litteral from Fredericktown, OH.   He then continued to advanced piano with Elizabeth Pastor from Ashland University.  After graduating high school, he continued his studies with Elizabeth Pastor while attending the college of music at Ashland University.  Through those years Nate was also the church pianist at his family's church where he learned to chord along with their music leader who lead with guitar.  This opportunity pushed Nate to play be ear and has been a valuable skill for him to have learned.  

What do you like best about your ministry at church?

Here at Mansfield 1st EPC there is a balance between traditional hymns and contemporary worship.  It's a privilege to be able to make music for the worship service of our great God.  What could be a worthier cause!

What's your favorite food?


What's something people don't know about you?


Other than Jesus, who has had the greatest impact on your life?


What's your favorite season?


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