Welcome To Mansfield 1st EPC

We want every person we meet to come into a growing relationship with Jesus.

It sounds like a simple thing.  But we believe it is the most important thing in all the world.  Join us any Sunday at 10 am to learn more about us...and about the God we serve.

We want to get to know you and help you and your family find meaning and connection in life. 

Our purpose is to love God, grow in relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, and serve others in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Upcoming Events


  • Aug 30 All God's Children Meal, For Those in Need
    Our church prepares and serves a meal on months that have a 5th Tuesday. The meal is served at First Methodist Church in downtown Mansfield.
  • Sep 4 The I AM Series
    No more powerful words were ever spoken than when Jesus said, "I AM..." in the gospel of John. Pastor Mike starts one of the most life changing sermon series that you may ever hear. Because all need to answer, "Who do you say that Jesus is?"
  • Sep 11 Kick Off Sunday
    KICK OFF SUNDAY begins at 9 am with Sunday School for kids and adults. Nursery is also provided.

Recent Updates

  • Shake Me, Wake Me Shake Me, Wake Me Most of us would agree that life can be a challenge. We may often relate to a line from a song performed by the Four Tops "shake me, wake me when it's over." View more
  • Possess What You Profess by Pastor Mike Possess What You Profess by Pastor Mike I recently posed a question to a friend of mine, when does a half-truth become a full lie? View more
  • The Cross Is My Anchor The Cross Is My Anchor Carrying one’s cross has nothing to do with a servile submission to difficulty or disaster. It has nothing to do with a passive resignation to the pain and difficulties we all face in this life. Instead, it has everything to do with a joyful abandonment to doing the will of God. View more